Who we are

B D Bedfordagri is owned and run by Ben and Rachael Bedford, who have been involved in agriculture for over 14 years.


Starting from humble beginnings, We set out as a new entrants into farming with a small flock of sheep and a tractor and at the same time Ben gained an NDA in agriculture from Nottingham Trent University, where I was also awarded Student of the Year over the two year course. 


During this period, we produced fodder for ourselves to feed to our own flock of sheep as well as to sell to local farms and equestrian businesses. From spending the time tending to our sheep and feeding them the right type of minerals, I gained an interest in livestock nutrition and started supplying minerals and feed supplements to local livestock farmers. Throughout this time, the specialist equipment we used to produce hay and straw was starting to be noticed by a large amount of our customers, who eventually convinced us to produce their fodder on a contract basis.


Unfortunately however, our sheep enterprise suffered greatly by the outbreak of Schmallenberg and the difficult decision was made to remove the sheep from our business altogether. Nevertheless, increasing supplement sales and contracting work meant that the land we rented for the sheep and fodder to sell could also be let go, which allowed our business to evolve and secured more time to focus on our customers livestock needs and forage production.


Through our efforts spent working with farmers, we saw a noticeable amount of our business was coming from the mixture of producing our customers forage and supplying them with the correct supplements and feed. We discovered this enabled them to maximise the use of their forage and livestock output. This combination and the drive for nutritional performance has lead us to now specialise completely on forage production, which mainly comprises of clamp and baled grass silage, haylage, hay and straw.


Over the years we have worked tirelessly to establish a loyal and increasing customer base. Therefore, we believe we are in a position to maximise a farms forage use and livestock production as a result of the services we can offer through ourselves or by reputable third parties. For nutritional products and services we currently work with four companies to supply the following:

  • soil analysis
  • grass seeds
  • silage additives
  • baler string
  • net wrap
  • silage wrap
  • forage analysis
  • minerals in bags and buckets
  • trace element drenches
  • energy and feed blocks and buckets
  • protein concentrates
  • feeds
  • live yeasts
  • milk powders.


Need someone to talk to?

We are always willing to come to you and discuss your needs. Whether it be a contracting service or any of our livestock products. We are here to help!


Call Ben on 07931954411 to arrange your on farm visit.

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